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Open Project Sponsor dues

Each Open Project is funded by annual Sponsor dues from organizations committed to its success.

Base Sponsor dues cover the core technical, legal, promotional, and administrative services provided by OASIS. Base dues are determined by each organization’s total employee headcount.

$ 25,000: 2,000+ employees
$ 15,000: 500-1,999
$ 10,000: 100-499
$   5,000: 10-99
$   2,000: <10
$   1,000: Nonprofit, university, local or non-OECD government

Project Governing Boards have the option to set higher Sponsor dues and/or additional fees to fund supplemental activities such as hiring consultants, hosting large events, conducting code audits, funding developer travel, etc.

Organizations pay dues for each Open Project they choose to sponsor. Discounts may be available for organizations that sponsor multiple Open Projects or hold membership in OASIS Technical Committees. Contact OASIS for details.


Why sponsor an Open Project?

Organizations that sponsor an Open Project receive a seat on the Project Governing Board, where they:

  • Oversee the technical agenda and marketing activities.
  • Form a Technical Steering Committee and/or Marketing Group (optional).
  • Appoint Maintainers and elect Chairs.
  • Decide which work products to advance through standards process.
  • Request OASIS submission of approved work to ISO, IEC
  • Stand out on Project website, social media, events, press and analyst communications.

Grow markets.
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Sponsor an Open Project.

Open Projects are started and guided by a core group of supporting organizations that provide leadership and funding. The commitment of these stakeholders ensures that Projects stay on-track and receive the resources they need to succeed.

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