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Focus on the technology. Leave the rest to us.

Open Projects deliver a comprehensive tool set and customized infrastructure that can take open source development to the next level.

OASIS staff help with everything from outreach to licensing to governance to navigating submissions to ISO, IEC, and ITU. Our technical and legal experts bring decades of experience facilitating development, educating adopters, and growing markets. Open Project communities have access to dedicated marketing resources for events, social media, analyst and press relations, and other customized promotional programs.

OASIS supports multiple open source licenses, including Apache License v2.0, Eclipse Public License v1.0, Eclipse Public License 2.0, BSD-3-Clause License, CC-BY 2.0, CC-BY 4.0, MIT License, and CC-0.

See our Getting Started Guide on GitHub for more details.

All the world’s a stage.

OASIS hosts interoperability demos, product showcases, plugfests, multi-day conferences, workshops, training classes, and public forums for Open Projects. We also arrange speaking engagements for supporters at major industry conferences and other events.

Contact OASIS Events for more details.



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