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OASIS Open Projects gives communities space to grow and a path to success.

OASIS Open Project Rules

The program connects a rich suite of tools to support the FOSS shared development model with a process proven to net widespread adoption. Open Projects offer:

  • Freedom to create a portfolio of complementary materials–code, APIs, specifications, reference implementations, protocols…
  • Option to advance appropriate deliverables through to OASIS Standard with the potential to be referenced by global SDOs including ISO, IEC, and ITU.
  • Industry-vetted IP policies.
  • Clear rules to support strategic leadership and shared community development.

Open Projects draw on the full support and international member base of OASIS, a nonprofit consortium built on openness, inclusivity, and innovation. OASIS exists to serve the communities that make open source and open standards thrive.

Make your lawyers happy

Work under the OSI-approved licenses chosen by/for your Project.

Make your developers happy

Plug into a global community of developers for faster progress and higher quality.

Make your accountants happy

Get the support and resources your Project needs for a fraction of the cost of a Foundation.

Make your customers happy

Bake in interoperability. Eliminate uncertainty. Make adoption easy.


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