Open Source. Open Standards.

Develop code, APIs, specs, reference implementations, protocols…in one place. Use familiar, FOSS-friendly tools and internationally respected rules. Choose what to approve, what to advance to standard.

Backed by the world’s most innovative and respected organizations.


Better together

The world is full of open source code that doesn’t interoperate and standards that don’t get implemented. Working together on code and standards is the best path to adoption.

Tap into one of the best brain
trusts on the planet

With OASIS, you’re plugged in to an international network that lets you leverage the expertise of standards developers and the innovation of coders to expand your ideas and grow your ecosystem.


Launch your project

Whether you’re an established group with a fully scoped project or a few people with a great idea, OASIS can provide you with the resources you need to achieve international recognition and widespread adoption.

OASIS Open Projects deliver:

  • Stakeholder governance
  • Industry-vetted IP licenses
  • Unified community
  • International recognition
  • Tools, rules, and practical experience

What you don’t get:

  • High cost of a Foundation
  • Legal headaches, IPR obstacles
  • Fractured development efforts
  • Ignored by government procurement
  • Implementations that don’t interoperate
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What people say about us.

  • The potential to get ISO, IEC, or ITU approval is a huge advantage. Governments are becoming more reluctant to endorse open source projects developed outside a recognized process.

    Christopher Ferris CTO Open Technology, IBM
  • OASIS Open Projects are pioneering a new hybrid operating model for building an open source and open standards ecosystem that caters to many companies’ needs.

    Jenny Huang Group Lead, Standards and Industry Alliances, AT&T
  • Open Projects enable a higher level of innovation and value for collaborative, open technologies communities. OASIS is extending its internationally-recognized governance model to provide an important new opportunity for open source.

    Paul Lipton VP, Open Standards and Open Source, CA Technologies


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