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Improve human and technical interoperability

The world is full of open source code that doesn’t interoperate and standards that don’t get implemented. Working together on code and standards is the best path to adoption.


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With OASIS, you’re plugged in to an international network that lets you leverage the expertise of standards developers and the innovation of coders to expand your ideas and grow your ecosystem.


Create, innovate, and maintain technology sustainably

Whether you’re an established group with a fully scoped project or a few people with a great idea, OASIS can provide you with the resources you need to achieve international recognition and widespread adoption.

Praise for Open Projects

  • The potential to get ISO, IEC, or ITU approval is a huge advantage. Governments are becoming more reluctant to endorse open source projects developed outside a recognized process.

    Christopher Ferris CTO Open Technology, IBM
  • The Internet today would be unrecognizable without the mutually beneficial relationship between Open Source and Open Standards. OASIS is a guiding example of how to coordinate, collaborate, and bring these worlds together.

    Jim Jagielski Co-founder of The Apache Software Foundation and Technical Staff Manager, Open Source Program Office, Uber
  • Increasingly, standard bodies are adopting the more iterative, fast-paced, innovative approach of open source, while open source is embracing the governance structures and practices typical of standard bodies. With Open Projects, this convergence now has a home.

    Tobie Langel Principal of UnlockOpen, AMP Advisory Committee Facilitator

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